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Anti Ana

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Against the Rise of Pro-ED and its Influences.
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This community came into being as there has been a surge of sites and communities in promotion of "pro-ana" leanings. This community was made for those who want to get the word out about the dangers of anorexia (among other eating disorders) and pro-anorexia movements. To talk openly about the harmful influences in society that wrongly encourage size-ist ideas and to discuss what can be done of it.

This site also offers support to those recovering, wishing to recover, or thinking about recovery.

The community name "anti-ana" was created because it is an obvious counter title to the more popular pro-ed term "pro-ana," and therefor seemed fitting. When the community began, "anti-ana" wouldn't even show up in online search engines. Regardless, the community's purpose has always been anti-pro-ED in general, and in no way was the title created as an attack against those with eating disorders. The maintainer of this community has and will always battle an eating disordered mindset. Everyone is welcome to join, and share their opinions. There are no individuals that constitute a "better-fit" to this community than others. Everyone has a voice.

This is not a pro-bashing community. Posts containing disrespectful content against others, hateful terms, etc. as well as posts that are completely off-topic, or that have disallowed their comments feature, will be deleted.

(and, to put some rumors to rest)

This community is NOT against those who are thin. Ever. One of the community's angles is that there should be no one size that is considered beautiful above all others, and that goes both ways. The term "Stop Starvation Imagery" is not a device to alienate.

Your Moderators are:

Please take a moment to read over our guidelines:

**Please Note** There have recently been a rising number of issues triggered mostly by the fact that previously, Anti_Ana did not have any boundaries or rules set. Unfortunately, this means it has since been decided to introduce some rules to ensure this community is safe for everyone, especially for our recovering members.

Breaking any of these guidelines will unfortunately result in the post being removed. If a member repeatedly breaks there rules we will be forced to ban them.

1. Any possible triggering material must be put behind an lj cut with a clear warning.

This mainly includes the use of numbers related to height, weight, bmi, clothing size etc.

2. Stay on topic.

Self explanatory really, members are asked to keep their posts on or near topic.

3. No hateful posts or comments. Remember, this is NOT a pro-bashing community.

This includes to or about any other members, and if you want to talk about another lj community or select group of people, please do not use language that is spiteful or otherwise aggressive towards anyone.

4. Be supportive and encouraging to those of our members who are recovering.

Remember, this community isn’t just for those who are against eating disorders; we are here to support those who are suffering from them too.

5. Should you have more than one LJ, please either stick to one username while posting here, or make it known in your post that you are going under another screen name.

Because the community is one where people speak very openly about issues which can be very personal to them, wondering if someone in the community is truly as they seem can feel a bit shady, and is therefore not condusive to the atmosphere of this community.

Member Quotes

“An eating disorder is not something done by all the cool kids. I'm anti-ed, because I want to get that message out.” hexkitten

“I'm anti-ana because I want it out of my body. I'm anti-ana because I wouldn't wish this hell upon my worst enemy, and it's scary as anything to see how these uninformed girls embrace the disease.” falls2climb

“It is not something that I call by a woman's name, because it is not a person. Eating disorders HURT people. It made me suffer, and I made everybody that I loved suffer.” funkadelic

On Pro-ED communities – “My reaction is always the same. Sadness - pure and simple - for them, not me. It reminds me of the negativity that the world has to offer and how easy it is for vulnerable people to buy into it.” through_thefire

“They're screwing up other people's lives with their propaganda. If they want to screw up their own lives, then they're free to do that, but they affect more people than themselves. Being ana is like taking drugs. Being pro-ana is like dealing drugs to schoolkids.” mullenkamp

“I am anti-anorexia because I am thoroughly disgusted in society's emphasis on inhuman, digitally-altered bodies that make people starve themselves both to fit an arbitrary beauty standard but also to form pathetic cliques to boost their self-esteem.” magickpotion

“because it took me 18 f***ing years to finally appreciate my body and understand how truly awesome it is” swankantihero

“I'm part of this community more to register my objections to what I see as another thing that is wrong with the world, that society creates” freakyfras

“I'm anti the way people flirt with it openly expecting and in many ways gaining praise for it. I'm anti the stereotypical view of it, i'm anti the pervasiveness of it.” bloodquartz

“i do not feel that people should be unhappy or unsatisfied with their bodies. people should embrace themselves. they should not feel that they have to fit into guidelines created by society.” mybigdreams

Thank you to all for your wonderfully inspiring words.

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