angie25 (angie25) wrote in anti_ana,

people on here really annoy me.  who are you to say that the pro ana sites are bad have you ever been on them or used them?  they are a strong support system for people living with anorexia.  it is somewhere i know that someone will understand my tourmant and fear.  if you take the time to look at the sites properly you will find that there are people in recovery as well as those still in the illness.  we do not spend the whole time telling each other how to lose weight- most of already know.  i know that without the support of the people on the site i would have ended my life several times by now.
granted there are people on there who want to lose a bit of weight but most of the time sufferers see that and don't respond to them.  i am behind you with regards the wannarexics but
all i am asking is that you think about this before saying that they are all bad.
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