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I'm new here, but I wanted to post the reason I joined.

Last year, I was going through a really bad time, and I felt really out of control of everything. I decided to go on a diet. The compliments I received when I lost some weight combined with how in control I suddenly felt inspired me to carry on losing weight untill I was unhealthily thin. Luckily, although I didn't think this at the time, I was already under observation by social services because of my circumstances, and help was arranged for me pretty quickly. I was better within a year. 

But so many people - not just girls, although I think there is a 1:9 ratio of girls to boys or something - suffer with this disorder for years and when they do get help, it takes a lot longer because "Ana" has really taken hold. Anorexia alters peoples perceptions - what other people see as healthy, they see as fat, and what other people see as skeletal, they see as "perfect". Several of my friends are battling with this disorder at the moment, and one of them is, essentially, dying. She used Pro-Ana sites.

The main issue I have with pro-ana sites is the idea of "Thin-spiration". I think more sites need to be set up that don't treat anorexia as terrible, but as a problem, because problems can be solved, and help those who suffer from the disorder to work through it. Sites where people can go and be shown pictures of ordinary people, and sites where they can go to vent, and be told "It's OK." and sites that promote the idea of getting help.

Slightly off topic I guess, but I also don't like it when those who suffer from anorexia are referred to as "Anorexics", because it implies that the only thing that is important about them is this disorder they have. Using this term tends to mean that people forget they are people - daughters, sons, friends, brothers, sisters - still feel - happy, sad, excited, angry - they aren't simply "anorexic". 

Mainly, I guess, I just want to help spread the message that "Ana" is not a friend - it is an enemy, and it can destroy lives.

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