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"Maybe" Recovery


I was on the pro ana website today and here is the biggest problem that I have: of all the advice and “tips” the members there give each other, no one ever suggests RECOVERY!  Even the members who have been in recovery.


One user wrote this:


In the time i've been a member here people have...
-stopped me from sticking a razorblade into myself
-stopped me from sticking my fingers down my throat and forcing myself to be sick
-stopped me from thinking that killing myself was the only way out
-given me advice on absolutely everything... family, friends, guys, health etc
-not to mention the number one reason we come here...for support and advice on this (and various others) stupid, hellish and unbearable disease,
-and thats just what i can think of right now!


But no one has ever mentioned to this girl: “Maybe recovery”


Now believe me, when I was in active addiction, the last thing I (thought) I wanted was to give up my drugs. If anyone in my family (normal, non-using people) ever suggested rehab to me, I got the hugest resentment.  But I think if I had someone like me suggesting recovery, I might have been more open to it sooner.


Eventually I became more afraid of living with drugs than living without them. I feared for my life daily and feared I would burn my house down with my aunt living next door (I am a smoker). I weighed one hundred and four pounds and five foot six.  I thought of suicide everyday.


By getting sober I found out my primary purpose:  to help other recovering drug addicts.


And hopefully a few ana/mias.



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